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November 3, 2015

fork york

A while back I thought there was no way www.FuckJedYork.com was an available domain. Since the off-season I’ve been waiting for commentary to start pouring in. My first post really only touched on the tip of the pile of collective crap that is York’s ownership. It’s no wonder the team is now 2-6. I’m pretty surprised by the two wins to be honest, but even a broken clock is right twice a day (or twice a season)

I’m happy to see there has been increased traffic at the site (particularly after the Thursday & Sunday embarrassments). It is meant to be more than just an archive of Bay Area publications. Post comments, subscribe, and sign-up to contribute your own thoughts/pain/rant. Join on Facebook at facebook.com/FJedYork, follow on Twitter @fork_york. This site also re-directs FJedyork.com, EfJedYork.com, EffJedYork.com, so feel free to use the friendly URL if you want to share.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the York Show”

  1. Jed York looks like a complete moron. I hope he and Baalke get completely humiliate publicly, everywhere they go. More importantly, I hope the diehard fans take a stand and stop going to home games, stop investing in 9er merch, and altogether refuse to give any hint of support to this atrocity! Lastly – Baalke and York are f*cking pathetic COWARDS, too chicken-shit to take to the media to address the situation. They’re the lowest form of human beings, after lying about what actually went down with Harbaugh. Shame on them. @$$holes!

    by Dane Blazer
  2. This organization is in need of a complete overhaul ! York is to football as a fish is to a bicycle!

    by David Griffith

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