Short and sweet: Jed York is a moron

December 11, 2015

M E Rossi

Moron is a wonderful word. It comes from ancient Greek…there were morons around when Socrates was teaching and Alexander the Great was conquering the world…and morons still exist.
How to be a moron. This is very easy…have an ego the size of a planet and the brain the size of a pea.
How does the word “moron” fit Jed York? If you are a business, your business’ objective is to make money. With Harbaugh coaching and a good team, Levi’s stadium was filled with folks who might have more money than brains to pain the insane price for tickets, but the stadium was filled with happy paying fans. His Jedship said that the 49ers don’t celebrate being division champions only Super Bowl championships, it was necessary to win with class and how he is responsible for the whole she-bang. Now what is the case?
After his Jedship fired Harbaugh, and an amazing number of players retired, quit football for a season, or went elsewhere, and it is reasonable to assume they did so as a response to the Harbaugh firing. What did Jed do?? Jed went into hiding….so much for being responsible. Then he hired an unqualified coach, gave the public an inferior product and still has an ego so large that he feels that the nasty responses to his tweets and 49er posts on Facebook are the product of a disgruntled few.
No, your Jedship. It nasty comments are not the result of a disgruntled few. They are the result of a totally alienated fan base who hates you. How many fans go out in 49er gear this season?? Very few.
I really wish Jed’s mother would buy him another toy and let Jed’s uncle Eddie run the franchise!! He knew how to make a quality product.

3 thoughts on “Short and sweet: Jed York is a moron”

  1. I’m not happy with how things are with this team at all. Time will tell if things get worse next season.

    by Nate Washington
  2. And now he’s trying to make us believe he will bring Kaep back or keep him?? really as what?? all the bad mouthing you’ve done to this man who would have done much better if the coaches knew how to set up an o-line! oh thats right they only wanna do it for Baggert!! oops gabbert– somebody help us!!

    by Marci
  3. York is a complete failure and he knows it and we know it . He is a stuck up dum ass that can’t even face himself let alone his fans trust me a bitch like him has a hard enough time looking in the mirror at himself that facing his fans he is a true pice of shit

    by Robert

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