Jed York is A Moron

March 2, 2015

fork york

I can’t recall an organization in the history of professional sports, that has more willingly shot itself in the foot. As 49ers fans, most of us were shocked at the decision to release Harbaugh, one of the winningest coaches in their inaugural 3-years of any in NFL history. It doesn’t even need to be reiterated, but Harbaugh took a team that had been losing for over a decade, and produced a championship caliber side 3 back-to-back years (and who knows what would have become of his 4th season without the black cloud that is York hovering over the team’s collective head).  On top of that, this without any real or honest explanation. Ever. Philosophical differences my ass. Was Harbaugh pro-choice? Does York have a problem with the way Harbaugh says “tomato”? This has been said before, but the decision was based on “feng shui”. The energy was wrong for Jed. In other words Harbaugh refused to be a spineless “yes-man”. Enter Jim Tomsula.

Since the end of 2014, the organization has been in a tail spin. From the “mutual parting of ways” with Harbaugh, to the release (loss) of the entire coaching staff, to the hiring of this deer-in-the-headlights and a complete staff of no body, and the failure to resign Gore and allow him the decency to retire as a 9er, not one decision made in the last 3 months has indicated any inkling of team loyalty or consideration for one of the greatest fan-bases in all fandom. I can’t blame Crabtree for having no interest in returning to the 49ers. The 2015-16 San Francisco 49ers will be unrecognizable come the fall. I’m not sure how you blame the organization for the retirement of Patrick Willis & Justin Smith, but here goes: if you’re already considering the option, and all hope of a final Super Bowl appearance (and victory) has been shattered in front of your face, would you subject yourself to the level of bodily harm that is required of these two legends? With any confidence in competent management, perhaps Willis and Smith are inspired to give it another go.

4 thoughts on “Jed York is A Moron”

  1. This guy is an absolute MORON!! I have been a niner fan all my life and this guy makes Denise York look like a genius…he is a disgrace to the team.

    by Steve Mohr
  2. Our new GM is just a firgurehead. Paraag is still in charge. Sigh. smh

    by BillWalsh’sGhost
  3. Hey Lynch! Nice job helping the Ravens move up in the draft.(Zuttah) Not. smh

    by Paraag Still In Charge

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