It’s time for the 49ers’ Jed York and Trent Baalke to step forward and talk

October 30, 2015

fork york

4 thoughts on “It’s time for the 49ers’ Jed York and Trent Baalke to step forward and talk”

  1. Like how can an owner be so careless on the basic necessities of running a a 5 time superbowl winning franchise and could’ve been six if it weren’t for a terrible play calling. If he doesn’t make any improvement during this season he will be losing a lot more money than he ever did because nobody is going to want to pay for anything related to the niners if this joke of an owner is still running it.

    by Brandon Washington
  2. I do not know what is you problem??!!! Your logic and sensibility is completely irrational… Your business for the game sucks..because I believe in order to be an excellent higher personnel you need to be first a fan like myself…I do not think you care about what is best for yourself and how your scum ass can get over. II know there was a conspiracy behind all the excellent players, coaches, staff etc…you n balke let go stemming from haurbaugh and I believe you cleared house to anyone who stuck n believed in the system of haurbough….which led to unforseen players like Willis, Davis, and Borland to retire?????/ I can’t believe…they retired based off what they have stated to media…in any case we need better .and it starts with the firing of your coward scum ass!!! Death to you!!

    by Marcus
  3. Last time I checked we have been a 3-4 defense since around 2006. So what exactly was Baalke thinking taking a 276lb 4-3 defensive end with a torn ACL with the 8th pick of the second round in 2013. When is JED going to figure out that this guy is clueless!! Seriously how many high picks has this guy wasted!

    Excluding this years draft, since 2009 the 49ers have had 55 draft picks. Of those 55, 23 have been in rounds 1-3. The only players within those 23 picks that are current starters are Eric Reid, Navarro Bowman and Carlos Hyde. The 20 players listed below were drafted by Baalke within the first 3 rounds (2009-2014) and none of them are starters on the current roster. I have even excluded all players from this years draft as to be fair.

    A.J Jenkins,
    Jimmy Ward,
    Kendall Hunter,
    LaMichael James,
    Tank Carradine,
    Marcus Martin,
    Brandon Thomas,
    Vance McDonald,
    Corey Lemonier,
    Eli Harold,
    Chilo Rachel,
    Glen Coffee,
    Reggie smith,
    Kentwan Balmer,
    Taylor Mays
    Anthony Davis (traded up to 11th overall struggled and then retired before the end of his rookie contract.)
    Mike Iupati (traded up to 17th overall, Pro Bowl guard and let go via FA even though we had cap room.)
    and you can throw in Michael Crabtree considering he was a tenth overall pick and never played like one.
    Aldon Smith
    Chris Culliver

    Unless this is the plot for a remake of the “Major League” movies, How on Earth can Baalke keep his job!??And don’t even get me started on the Free Agents he has wasted money on!!

    by Josh
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