How much is enough Jed?

November 5, 2015

Bill Winter

I ask this simple question Jed. How much is enough? How much money is enough for you to begin to care about winning? Lets be serious you own a NFL Team to make money. I am not against making money but  you are doing it at the sake of your franchise. Your family has a net worth in the hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. You have a fancy new stadium that will make you millions every year, but you have put that in front of the 49ers players, coached, fans and legacy.

Enough is enough Jed. Stop running the 49ers from the top down and build it from the bottom up. In the words of Ricky Bobby, “If you’re not first, you’re last.” Winning isn’t one thing to consider running a NFL team. It needs to be the only thing. That starts with the players and the coaches. You’re uncle had a rough start when he took over the 49ers for sure, but he realized winning solves everything. So he went out and got the players and the coaches that can make that happen. Did he get along with the legendary Bill Walsh all the time, absolutely not. I have heard on many occasions he called for Walsh to be fired. However, he saw the value of having a coach like Walsh. You couldn’t get along with Harbaugh so you fire him instead of swallowing your silver spoon fed ego and sitting down with Harbaugh and asking 1 simple question. How do we make this work?

Eddie cared about his players. If you don’t know the story of Jeff Fuller and what Eddie did for him after he sustained a serious arm injury you need to look that up. Players play the game Jed. The owners support them. It is not the other way around. Instead of standing behind your players by admitting you made some serious mistakes in the off season you have decided to run and hide. Be a man Jed and admit your mistakes, you owe it to your players to sit down with them and work this out.

How do you fix this?

  1. Get Rid of Trent Baalke. He has been bad for years. Go hire a GM that can turn this around. Bill Poulian is high on my list.
  2. Go hire a Head Coach that is gonna change the culture and let him run it the way he wants. Cower, Dungy, Holmgren, and Jon Gruden come to mind. No offense to Tomsula but he ain’t the Head Coach to turn this around.
  3. Make the team the priority. During the season Levis is a football stadium and that is it. No concerts or tractor pulls.

3 thoughts on “How much is enough Jed?”

  1. Jed!
    How this season has become it’s hard for us fans too think your not sinking the franchise. Please Jed you are the only person who can make things right. “You” have power. Trent has over stayed his welcome an if you are a true business man regardless of your loyalty or friendship too Trent you’d fire him. The list is way too long “why” but between his picks the past couple of year his actions speak louder then words. Kap is a good qb! Your watching the games right? Zero O-line it’s depressing and Reggie Bush signing?? Well can you honestly say that was a wise choice even more then that what’s his injury record? Simple things like that are me an other fans are upset. We’re better then that, your not failing us as fans as much as your failing guys like Bowman,Kap,Reid,Stanley. Those guys

    by Duane
  2. I’m a Niner fan. Have been since my stepfather ripped the Cowboys poster off my wall when I was 8. My grandfather is a Texan and had steered me the wrong way. I’m a Barry Bonds fan. I’m a Steph Curry fan. Nothiing comforts us fans as the feeling that our owners “know what they’re doing.” The imbecily stupid moves Jed York has made are out there for the world to see. Our owner is a child who was given a toy and has broken it. Our players are skilled but have been shown a rotten Hand by ownership. That’s enough to win in a league as competitive as the NFL.

    by Guillermo
  3. While you make great points, if you were rational, talented coach or GM why would you work for York? At best case he’d only undermine you with a smear campaign at the end (see what started with Kap this week). Who would want to work in an environment where Paraag and his spreadsheets make your decisions? High end, proven talent would never work for this man-child. He is the poster child of what is wrong with many american managers – too much ego, too little leadership. Arrogance and silver spoon win out again.

    by Lee Greenberg

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