Dear Jed: Some friendly advice on fixing the 49ers

October 28, 2015

fork york

4 thoughts on “Dear Jed: Some friendly advice on fixing the 49ers”

  1. Jed stresses everything to be done with class. How can a classless prick suc as Jed York have the nerve to tell anyone how to do anything with class?

    by 49er4ever
  2. Do the Niner nation justice by selling to team!!!!

    by Craig
  3. Historically the worst 49er squad in team history in 2017. Thanks Jed! I will not buy a single pennant or keychain or game ticket until you lose enough money to ‘gracefully’ bow out. You derailed multiple super bowl runs and haven’t made a lick of progress since the mass exodus. If you can win with class I damn sure hope you can leave the organization with class. It’s the only way to salvage your legacy. Respectfully bow out. For the sake of fans and players and coaches everywhere. There’s a reason this site exists. If I had a hate website devoted to myself, I might start to begin wondering why. This guy is clueless in more ways than three.

    by True Fanbase
    • Oops 2016 I mean. I’m sure I can reread this in a year though and expect the 2017 prediction to also become true. The SF Giants and SF warriors are run by Greek gods compared to this Philistine

      by True Fanbase

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