…But Fuck Trent Baalke

November 26, 2016

fork york

It’s been a while since anything was said here. Mainly just holding my breath during the Chip Kelly experiment. I may be in the minority, but I’m withholding judgement on Kelly until he has at least 1-2 seasons with some talent depth. It’s going to take some patience. This season’s “performance” doesn’t fall on head coach, but years of failure that starts at (and near) the top.

Chip Kelly isn’t the 49ers’ real problem- Baalke’s dozens of picks (50+) over the last several years have been largely worthless, if they even managed to touch the field. I concede exception with credit to Reid, and potentially Armstead, and Buckner, both of which I anxiously await their performance to solidify.

Bay Area analysts ask why are we not in post-Trent Baalke mode, and we have no answer. Of course, there is silence from the front office. York only speaks up when he is spewing off-season garbage about being held accountable.

Due to recent “attacks”, Wikipedia had to lock Trent Baalke’s page to prevent vandalism. But is it vandalism or journalism?

It’s worthless to petition against York, since we all know Mommy and Daddy won’t ground him. Maybe enough pressure will help squeeze Baalke’s worthless ass out and make room for someone to come in and start to clean up this mess.

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3 thoughts on “…But Fuck Trent Baalke”

  1. Jed has to grow some balls and hire some that knows football hence (harbaugh). But jed can’t play with the men only club. He never been in position of power. So being ruthless isn’t in his M.O. Tent baakle never made those picks back in 2009 till 2012 it was mike michalum team.

    by Candelario
  2. Amen you could not of said it any better

    by Robert
  3. It will take years to recover from the debacle of firing Coach Harbaugh. It’s a decision that will not be forgiven by this fanbase, certainly not me.

    by Nate Washington

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